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Quality, Style and Performance

Every component of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors, from the extruded aluminum, to the injection-molded, UV protected plastics, have been designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards.  Tolerances are held tight so that functionality is smooth and solid. 
Our belief is that in design, "Form Follows Function." Therefore, all of our parts employ crisp, clean lines.  After all, one of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors main functions is to be unobtrusive and look like it is a part of the doorway.
The most important aspect of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors is durability.  While design tolerances are tight, functional tolerances are very forgiving.  This allows our door to continue to operate smoothly longer, as well as provide for ease of repair in the event of damage.


One of the lessons we learned from listening to customers is that because retractable screen doors operate in a unique fashion, they can often times not feel intuitive.  We considered this when designing the handle of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors. Our design allows for the most natural and intuitive motion when pulling out the screen to the closed position, as well as releasing it from the full-length magnetic latch/seal,  retracting the screen back into its protective housing.
Our favorite patent pending feature of PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors is the simplicity of the double door, stationary door locking system.  To operate, the stationary side of the retractable screen door system is pulled out and automatically clicks into place with spring-loaded pins.  This door then becomes the latch for the active door, which is fully operational from both directions.  This allows easy entry into the home while in use.  When it is time to retract the stationary door, there is no need to reach and stoop for latches; simply twist the Lock Nob by the handle to release the lock and the fixed side of the screen retracts back into its protective housing.


With the help of plastics engineers from the automotive industry, we were able to refine our injection-molded designs, as well as select plastic properties to compliment functionality and longevity.  All exposed parts are infused with anti-UV chemicals to prevent fading and cracking. In addition, internal pieces that are exposed to friction are made from a plastic that has self-lubricating properties.  All aluminum extrusions are manufactured in the United States and powder-coated to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish that will hold up to the elements.

Real World Functionality

Most retractable screen doors function well when they are newly installed.  The true test of a great design, however, is how well it holds up to the rigors of daily use.  With over 15 years’ experience with over 10 different brands of retractable screen doors, and 1,000s of interactions with customers, we understand that mishaps happen.  With this in mind, we have designed PrimAire® Retractable Screen Doors to be resilient in the event of accidents and damage. 
For instance, if a person or pet should happen to run into the retractable doorway, the first line of protection is that the full-length magnet latch will release and the screen will safely retract back into its housing.  The second line of protection from damage is that the bar you pull across to latch the door is uniquely designed to safely come out of the top and bottom track without damaging the door or screen.  If this happens, the bar can easily be re-inserted back into the top and bottom tracks restoring the door to full functionality.  One of our most exciting features is our screen-to-pull bar attachment method. This allows anyone who is somewhat handy to repair or replace a screen with no proprietary parts.

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